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What others are saying about Blue Phantom

With Blue Phantom products we have trained hundreds of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals in the techniques for safe ultrasound guided vascular access. The customer service and support from Blue Phantom has been exceptional. The orders are filled promptly and all inquiries have received an immediate and appropriate response.

Michael Marsh, MHA
Assistant Director, Operations
U of Michigan, Clinical Simulation Center

The durability of the device is remarkable. It has had many thousands of needle insertions both in the internal jugular and subclavian position, and is no worse for the wear. I compliment your company for the excellence and durability of the product design and support.

Paul Mayo, MD
Beth Israel Deaconess
New York

The new head and torso ultrasound model by Blue Phantom has revolutionized the way central venous access is taught. This system provides a reproducible method for teaching the manual techniques of this vital procedure without the risk to patients. It also does wonders for the instructor's blood pressure.

Thomas Cook, MD
Program Director
Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital

University of Hartford
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University
Loma Linda University
Northwestern University
Stanford University

The Blue Phantom Story

At the turn of the 21st century, the adoption of ultrasound was exploding. With the release of the first truly portable ultrasound systems, ultrasound, which had once been limited to radiologists, was now being used by a vast number of medical specialties from emergency medicine to anesthesiology. The demand for ultrasound training was high, but little was available. Sonographer Brian Keegan recognized the need for a reliable training tool and set off to develop the first ultrasound training model. After countless hours creating and testing different configurations in his garage, he had finally hit the mark. The formula matched the acoustic properties of human tissue and worked perfectly with any ultrasound system.

The first ultrasound model to emerge from Keegan’s work was a small blue block with two internal vessels to mimic actual veins. This model inspired the company name "Blue Phantom". In 2012, CAE Healthcare acquired Blue Phantom to advance the improvement of simulation-based clinical training and the delivery of patient care globally. Today, Blue Phantom is a major producer of the most realistic and durable anatomical task trainers available. Coupled with a commitment to customer service and quality, Blue Phantom is now recognized as the world leader in ultrasound training models. 

The Blue Phantom Difference

All Blue Phantom models are made using our patented SimulexUS tissue. SimulexUS is specifically designed to match the acoustic properties of human tissue. This means that you can use virtually any ultrasound system with a Blue Phantom model and have a realistic ultrasound image.

Our patented SimulexUS tissue is designed to be self-healing. When you perform an ultrasound guided intervention procedure on any Blue Phantom, the SimulexUS tissue will automatically seal around the area where the needle was placed, eliminating leaks. In a study done in partnership with the U.S. Government, it was shown that you can expect 1,000 needle sticks or more on any Blue Phantom model.

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At Blue Phantom, we know that it takes practice to achieve mastery in the techniques of ultrasound. We also know that it takes experience to develop confidence and skill. That is why we offer the best ultrasound simulation training solutions available. Learn how the Loma Linda School of Medicine Simulation Center in Southern California, integrates ultrasound simulation to help practitioners build competence and confidence in performing ultrasound-guided procedures.

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